All plumbing repairs and maintenance carried out


Cold water tanks

Replacement kitchen and bathroom taps fitted

Any leaks repaired

WCs not flushing correctly, we can fix this

Power showers, and shower maintenance, filters cleaned

Electric showers installed

Mains stop-valves replaced

Replacement of old gate type valves for 
modern lever valves

Waste pipes replaced

Pipe lagging and pipe insulation

Loft water tanks insulated



Natural Gas and LPG

Installation and servicing of gas-fired boilers

Cookers and hobs

Water heaters

Wall/unit heaters

Gas fires

Servicing of warm air heaters

Gas pipe work

Gas leaks traced, and repaired



Landlord gas safety certificates

Legionnaire’s disease risk assessments




All central heating installation and maintenance carried out

Boiler servicing – gas and oil-fired boilers 
Fault-finding on heating systems and diagnosing boiler breakdowns

Flue gas analysis to ensure correct combustion of
gas and oil-fired boilers

Boiler replacements and central heating upgrades

Radiator replacements

Hot water cylinders

Immersion heaters replaced

Energy controls, thermostatic radiator valves, programmers, programmable room stats, smart controls, weather compensation kits



Power flushing of heating system using Kamco power flushing equipment, removing magnetite sludge from boiler, pipe work, and radiators

Installing Magnaclean filters to remove residue

Installing corrosion inhibitors to reduce the risk of corrosion – the main cause of magnetite sludge

Altering heating systems to sealed systems to eliminate future sludge problems caused by oxygenated water found on some open vented heating system

Altering open vented system designs to reduce the risk of magnetite sludge formation within the heating system